Revenue Cycle Analyser

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Revenue Cycle Analyser
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Using the Operational Healthcare Data Revenue Cycle Analyzer provides a holistic view through live applications and reports, which is used to isolate the problems and take corrective actions.
We can minimize the Revenue leakages and improve shrinking margins by increased visibility through key performance indicators. The goal is to minimize leakages and work to provide the best possible healthcare

Most advanced technology and tools to extract data, perform data modeling, generate operational and analytics reports using data mining tools. 
Frontline workers to business analysts, everyone is connected via executive dashboards and daily work queues.
Unique Dataumate DNA - RCM best practices across services, technology, education, advisory, and analytics offering.Fully integrated acute and ambulatory revenue cycle data. 

You get a user-friendly dashboard to quickly get the status of ongoing events.
You get RCM reports across multiple data sources and formats—visibility to the Revenue Cycle through Key performance indicators.
You get insights into opportunities to improve cash flow and revenue generation while reducing costs at the same time.



Practice Assessment

Healthcare practices losing big share per physician annually. As healthcare organizations work towards value-based care minimizing revenue losses becomes more challenging.
At Dataumate, we believe existing operational data can answer to these challenges. We customize our applications by aggregating physician practice billing, payroll and financial data across all physician and physician groups to uncover the root cause of losses.

Identify Gaps

By identifying the gaps in physician performance, the reason for and magnitude of each loss comes to light. The A10 Practice Assessment focuses on the 10 economic revenue and cost drivers for which the best opportunities lie.
The 10 economic drivers for physician practice performance are:

  • Productivity

  • Visit Coding

  • Utilisation​

  • Charge Master​

  • Payer Mix​

  • Rates​

  • Revenue Cycle

  • ​Staff Costs​

  • Other Costs​

  • Physician Compensation

Accurately Assess

We assess each revenue and cost drivers with the help of KPI's designed for physician-level and facility-level assessment. Cubes designed to assess these facts are accessible through dashboards and reports so that users can easily create and distribute customizable, data-driven reports to all applicable stakeholders. It provides quantifiable insight to empower them to make the necessary adjustments that will lead to positive change.


Downstream Analyser

Downstream Analyser of RCM process includes claim management, denial management, collection management, contract
management, Payer management, and clearinghouse management. These processes become less of an issue if the upstream and midstream process are appropriately implemented. 
Our integrated set of applications provides an end-to-end economic picture of service lines.

Service Line Analyser

Resolve Bottlenecks and Enhance Revenue

There remains a large gap between downstream and upstream services. Non-alignment of RCM practices lead to significant financial loss and underperformance. The service line analyzer consolidates hospital inpatient and outpatient data,
organize clinical and billing data that gives the insight to reduce bottlenecks and increase profitability. Our applications have business rules defined to work at an optimum level. Business rules are applied at each metric level to drive
Revenue cycle in a most efficient way.

Revenue Cycle Management


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